Dog Coat to help with allergies

Dog Coat to help with allergies

Does your dog suffer with allergies during the summer months or all the time? Dogs suffer with allergies just as much as humans and there are many allergens which can develop into all year round problems for your dog. The most common allergy is grass and pollen. The allergy is not likely to go away so the best thing is to help control the symptoms.

The most obvious symptom is scratching. They will get itchy around the ears, eyes and feet, often between the toes, groin, armpits and anus. The itching will cause them to chew their paws, constant head shaking and face rubbing and bottom scooting. Extreme scratching can cause broken skin and infection and hair loss.

Using the T Shirt Body dog coat to help with allergies is a great help to keep the pollen and grass seeds away from your dog’s tummy. Paws Plus One can supply the T Shirt Body dog coat which is 98% cotton and 2% elastane so it fits snuggly for protection.

The T-shirt Body dog coat is also the perfect garment for dogs with rashes, hair loss or for keeping dressings in place after veterinary treatment. In addition, the use of a T-shirt Body dog coat is highly recommended by canine behaviourists as a “protective portable hug” to calm a dog when anxiety strikes – for instance during thunderstorms and firework displays and halloween parties!

To help control the symptoms

* After walking in the fields, always wash your dog down, particularly his paws. Keep him off newly cut grass.

* Keep your dog indoors during early the morning and evening when the pollen count is high.

* Keep bedding clean, using a perfume free detergent

* Use cotton for bedding rather than wool based products

Antihistimine can be given e.g. Piriton (not the non-drowsy version). Please consult your vet before giving this medication.