How To Groom Double Coated Dogs

Grooming a Double Coated Dog

Double coated dogs need a lot of regular grooming time all year round. They will naturally grow an extra thick coat for the winter months which will shed throughout the summer and in fact most days!! Double coat = double the fur so be prepared for dog hair in the home and constant vacuuming!

A double coat is a dog coat that consists of two layers. The base layer is of short dense hair and serves to protect the dog from extreme temperatures i.e. keeps him warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The top layer of longer hairs are called guard hair and help to repel water and dirt.

Twice a year a double coat will “blow coat” which is when they shed most of their undercoat hair and the guard hair becomes brittle and dull looking. It can take up to three weeks to fully shed and this is the time when it’s really important to brush out your dog’s shedding hair and a good tool to use is the coat grooming thinner. If not dealt with it will cause matted clumps which can get tangled with grass seed, twigs and possibly fleas and ticks, making it very difficult for grooming and will become uncomfortable for the dog.

To name a few, typical doubled coated dogs are:

German Shepherd
Border Collie and other Collie breeds
Old English Sheepdog
Bernese Mountain Dog
Golden Retriever
Great Pyrenees
Yorkshire Terrier

Top tips for grooming:

* Brush your dog every 2 or 3 times a week with a pin brush.

* Use a slicker brush for the thicker and longer hair around the rump

* To remove loose and dead hair from the undercoat use an undercoat grooming rake

* Regular bathing with a good quality anti tangle shampoo

* Use a wide tooth comb to work through mats and tangles. If you have to cut out a clump pinch the fur as close to your dog’s skin as you can to prevent cutting the skin.

* The coat controller or coat grooming thinner is great for controlling shedding in thick coats

Take a look at this link for a good tutorial on how to groom double coats.