Dog Beds, Mats & Blankets

At Paws Plus One we know one size or type does not fit all. We strive to supply the best collection of dog beds with a wide variety of dog bed sizes, for large dogs and small dogs,  shapes and materials so you can find the best dog bed to suit your dog. We believe every dog deserves a perfect bed and an old duvet or blanket just won’t do. We strive to provide the best Large dog beds, offering spacious comfort for the larger breeds and the smaller pooch that just likes a luxury dog bed to stretch out in.

Allow your pet the best sleep and comfort they deserve with a quality dog bed. Dogs sleep a lot, which makes their dog bed very important and it is a large part of your dog’s daily routine, where they sleep, rest, play, keep guard and recuperate for their next day of fun.

Our cosy dog blankets are the perfect addition to your home and your dog’s bed. Not only do they help keep your home free of dirt and dog hair but they keep your dog warm in the winter months. All our luxury dog blankets come in a range of size and colours, and can be personalised with an embroidered dog name or something personal to you and your dog. These dog blankets are great to use in the home or on the road when your pooch needs an extra layer.

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