Dog Coats

Our dog coats and jackets will help keep your dog feeling comfortable in all weathers. In the wet cold winter months it would be unthinkable to go out without a jacket, it’s no different for your dog! Not all dogs have thick double coats to battle the harsh cold winter temperatures and it most definitely is not waterproof!

When the weather turns cold and wintery and your dog tucks it’s tail between it’s legs on the way out for a walk, you know it’s time for some dog clothes. Our quilted and waterproof dog coats are the ideal solution for dog walks in the winter months and for the dog breeds with shorter fur or fleece dog jumper and jackets are a perfect addition. They are also great for the older dog who may be a little less active.

All our dog coats and jackets are easy to fit and are designed to feel snug and natural, however if you do have any problems fitting them we are always happy to help.

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