Washable Dog Bed

Washable Dog Bed- Danish Design Luxury Dog Mattress


The Danish Design County dog mattress range is designed for active and working dogs. These mattresses are super tough and waterproof made from heavy duty waterproof fabric which is easily wiped down to keep clean and fresh. Available in traditional country green and in three different styles.

  • Luxury Deep Duvet- The deep dog duvet is filled with supersoft thermal polyester for softness, warmth and comfort. These duvet’s have removable covers and are fully washable and quick drying as the polyester fibre will not absorb water. Spare covers are also available. This range is available in two sizes Medium 71 x 98cm and Large 87 x 138cm
  • Standard Duvet- The standard dog duvet is filled with polyester fibre to give insulation and comfort and are fully washable. Spare covers are available. This range is available in two sizes Medium 71 x 98cm and Large 87 x 138cm.
  • Cage Mattress- The Cage dog matress is available in five sizes to fit most standard cages. The mattress is a practical and comfortable bedding available in sizes Small 46 x 61cm, Medium 63 x 76cm, Large 60 x 91cm, XLarge 71.105cm and XXLarge 75 x 121cm


The County dog mattress range offers you a practical dog bed for every occasion. The heavy duty waterproof fabric is easily cleaned with just a wet wipe or quick hose down. The material filling contained in all products is fire retardant and complies to Furniture and Furnishings Fire & Safety Reg 1988 BS No 5852 Ignition Source 2.

Washable Dog Bed- Danish Design Luxury Dog Mattress Review:
  • The Luxury Duvet is just that! Supersoft with lots of fibre bed filling to provide a very comfortable mattress and so practical a very easy to clean dog bed.
  • The Standard Duvet is not quite so padded, but still a very practical mattress with the same uses. Both dog Mattresses are great for use in the kitchen or the car. As an added bonus, spare covers are also available.
  • The Cage Mattress is ideal for most standard cages and because it is so easy to clean is great for cage travel in the car or truck, the perfect dog bed for the country dog.

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Luxury Duvet, Standard Duvet, Cage Mattress, Covers


Medium 71 x 98cm, Large 87 x 138cm, Small 46x61cm, Med 53x76cm, Large 60x91cm, XLarge 70x105cm, XXLarge 75x121cm