Acme 210.5, 211.5, 212 Dog Whistles


Acme training whistle for gun dog or basic training, ideal for Spaniels and Labradors.  210 1/2 whistle is set at the right pitch for Spaniels and 211 1/2 whistle particularly for Labrador Retrievers. Although this is not a rule set in stone and these whistles could be effectively used for any dog, but whichever whistle you start with when training a pup, that is the one you should stay with.

211 1/2 whistle is easy blowing with a high solid tone and single frequency.

210 1/2 whistle is easy blowing, ultra high pitch without cork, solid tone with a single extremely high frequency.  (The highest frequency available in this group of plastic whistles).

212 Trialer whistle is the professional’s choice with a constant frequency no matter how hard or soft you blow.

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210.5 Spaniel, 211.5 Lab, 212 Trialer Pro