Country pet washable waterproof dog mat

Country Pet Washable Waterproof Dog Mat


Country Pet Waterproof Dog Mat

The country pet waterproof dog mat is fully waterproof and washable. A quality dog mat fitted with a tough and durable waterproof cover that does’t lose any comfort. Perfect for large dogs that come home dirty and wet! Also works great as a dog bed in the car.

  • Comfy padding and 100% nylon non slip base
  • Zipped removable cover, which can be easily cleaned and washable by hosing down or wiping

Available sizes & colours:

  • Small/Medium 66 x 46 cm  in red or blue
  • Large  100 x 70 cm in red or green  (good size for a large dog)


This waterproof dog mat is a very tough, durable mat, fully waterproof and easily hosed down. It is well padded so no comfort is lost and is great for use in the car or crate. Ideal for a working dog or for those muddy dogs that love mud and water!

Country pet waterproof dog mat review:

We would recommend this dog mat. It has been used in the car and is great for muddy dogs after a walk by the river. It looks just as good in the kitchen until the dogs dry off. Its will wipe clean or can be hosed easily.

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Small, Medium, Large


Red, Blue, Green